Global (English)

At Elmer S. Gish School, the Global (English) Program expands student learning from Kindergarten through to Grade 6. This program has embraced an inquiry-based learning philosophy, rich in global awareness.

Students will be immersed in hands-on learning experiences where the content is enriched with activities for the students to make discoveries. The teachers within this program encourage higher-level questioning and allow their students the opportunities to discover their own learning.

Throughout this program, we focus on specific learner attributes: respectful, responsible, risk taking, diligence, cooperation and inquiring. This common language transcends through the grades and helps to develop a well-balanced, self-confident learner.

Global experiences and service projects highlight this program. As well, the focus on environmental issues supports our students in learning to be responsible citizens and empowers them to make a difference in the world at large.

Global Program Summary:

  • hands-on learning opportunities
  • early literacy is supported through a Balanced Literacy approach
  • French as a Second Language begins in Grade 4
  • students receive three physical education classes in the gymnasium and one additional Daily Physical Activity class within a five-day cycle
  • monthly cross-age activities
  • learner attributes provide common language from Kindergarten through to Grade 6
  • service projects and global awareness are an integral part of each classroom