The St. Albert Cogito program started in September of 2003. A small committed group of parents were both the impetus and the reason for the program to come to St. Albert. Cogito started with three classes – a Grade 1/2 split, a Grade 3/4 split and a Grade 5/6 split. The total number of students in all three classes was 53.

In 2007, the first Cogito junior high class was formed at the Grade 7 level. Three years later the first Cogito Grade 9 class graduated from Elmer S. Gish School.

Currently, there are over 650 students from Kindergarten to Grade 9 actively enjoying and participating in the Cogito learning experience. With a strong foundation, dedicated stakeholders and a committed school district, the future is bright for the St. Albert Cogito Program. Cogito (kō gi tō) is Latin for "I reason". 

Cogito Parent Handbook

Focused on Academics

Cogito is designed for the student who is willing to work hard to achieve a high level of academic excellence. Cogito may be the program for your child if you're interested in a learning environment which is characterized by:

Expanded curriculum

  • precision in expressive language, grammar and presentation
  • emphasis on mastery of math facts and concepts
  • scientific knowledge precedes experimentation
  • French as an additional language begins in Grade 1

High standards and academic success

  • parent support for and involvement in academic work contribute to high levels of success
  • accuracy, penmanship and presentation are directly taught and expected
  • consistent homework provides extended learning opportunities

Direct instruction in structured classrooms

  • whole group, teacher-directed instruction is emphasized
  • lessons are presented in a consistent manner
  • individual responsibility and focus are expected

Additional features

  • Students develop effective work habits, accuracy, confidence, and pride. Achievement standards are clearly defined for each grade level.
  • Foundational literacy skills are supported by direct teaching of phonics, beginning in Kindergarten.
  • Classical and modern literature expands student learning and provides excellent models for their writing
  • Regular homework is assigned at all levels to provide consistent practice with skills and concepts.
  • Students in Grade 1 and 2 receive letter grades; students in Grade 3 and beyond receive percentage grades.
  • Memory skills and confidence are developed in preparing for recitations and presentations.
  • Parents are expected to support and be involved with their child's learning.
  • Student uniforms reflect the structure of the program and foster a "dress for success' attitude.

Uniform Guidelines

Our Cogito uniform provider is Top Marks. To view uniform options, please click here

Please click here to access our uniform supplier: Top Marks Website

The password for our school is ESG01

Uniform Swap

A uniform swap may be held during the school year and would involve the following: 

  • Bring items you want to swap to the check-in table.
  • Go to the available inventory tables and choose items you wish to take in exchange.
  • Return to the check-in table and a volunteer confirms that the swap is reasonable. (Value for value - you can't swap a shirt for a tunic - $20 retail for $80 retail).
  • If you don't find anything, keep your items until the next swap.
  • Items brought to the swap are not added to inventory until the parent has found an acceptable swap.

Literacy M.A.P. Information Session

Mrs. Soprovich and Ms. Cook held an information session to give further detail about the starting of our Literacy M.A.P. program.  


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