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Volleyball 7/8/9

Fee: $50 (per term)
This course will provide student athletes the opportunity to develop a variety of fundamental volleyball skills, such as forearm passing, overhead passing, serving (underhand and overhand), attacking, blocking and digging. These physical and technical volleyball skills will develop students' agility, strength and general fitness levels that are transferable to other sports. Students will also learn various rotation systems commonly used in volleyball including Tripleball, 4-2 and 6-1.

The course is based on Volleyball Canada’s Development Model (VCDM), which structures training tasks in developmental stages appropriate for their level. Students will develop their skills through observations and individual and team drills. Students will grow in their ability to work with others through game play, and to show respect for those at a different skill levels than themselves, recognizing that each person progresses at different rates.

The course has been designed for students with volleyball experience who are looking to further develop their skills, as well as those with little or no experience but who are interested in learning a new sport. The course encourages and supports participation for both boys and girls in Grades 7 through 9.

Elmer S. Gish School