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Pop & Rock

Pop & Rock 8/9

Fee: $20 (per term)

The Gish Pop & Rock course allows students to explore the world of playing in a real rock band. Students will work as a team to form their own music groups and spend class time preparing for a variety of performances. Students will experience the full range of real world demands on musicians such as: rehearsing, marketing, songwriting, performing and recording. Students will be able to learn instruments other than their primary instrument such as: vocals, drums, keyboard, guitar and bass guitar. Gish Pop  & Rock provides a remarkably dynamic music experience to all music enthusiasts. Students enrolled in Pop & Rock will be taking it in terms 2 and 3.


Students must have taken Guitar 7 or have at least one year of out-of-school music or singing lessons. The course prerequisites may be waived if a student is able to demonstrate the adequate musical skill (vocally or instrumentally) to have a positive experience in this course. This is at the discretion of the course instructor.

Enrollment Requirements

Guitarists must provide an acoustic or electric guitar for this course. A small amplifier, a patch cable and headphones must accompany electric guitars. All guitarists should provide their own guitar picks as well.

Drummers must provide their own set of drumsticks for this course.

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